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owed trust.

We have to earn trust. I've said it before and it's worth saying again. There's no use speaking to someone who doesn't trust us... they aren't listening. We are wasting our time.

Earn trust, then speak. 

But, there are these spots in life, where, I'm learning, we feel as though people owe us their trust, as though we can demand it, and don't have to try to earn it. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever other form of social media...
Friends, employees, partners, husbands, wives...
Presidents, pastors, popes, parents, and professors... 

We think some position or platform grants us the trust we seek without earning it. But that's not the case. 

We can not demand trust because of some kind of position. Ever.

We still have to earn it.

If we could get this I truly believe all kinds of things would change. 


new doesn't work that way.

wells and water.