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on fire...

Have you ever experienced that feeling where it just feels like it's working? Like you have ideas that are good and that are clear and that you're going to do whether people think you're insane or whether they think you're a genius? Have you ever felt so sure? Have you ever felt unsure and yet that it was time for a change? Have you ever felt like the future is clear somehow? Have you ever felt passionate about something and excited to get out of bed? 

Have you ever had these kinds of emotions and, because of them, said something along the lines of... "Wow, I'm on fire! This project is on fire! This idea is fire! We're on fire! This company is on fire! This group is on fire!"


If so, I recommend you act like Moses. Just sit there for a moment and take it in and realize that it's holy ground you're standing on when those bushes are burning like that. 

another update.

you see what you want to see...