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you see what you want to see...

Not sure if you have read or listened to anything at all in the news recently from Russian collusion with the Democrats and/or Republicans or how well/crappy Michael Moore's play did. But you don't have to read any of it. 

Just watch any athletic activity from an NFL game to a 4th grader's soccer game and you'll see the same thing. A penalty will occur and 1/2 the fans will cheer and 1/2 will insist that there was not a penalty. 

Because, we see what we want to see.

So, instead of just reading the news, learn whose side the person reporting the news is on. It'll help you try and figure out what actually happened. And try to find a news source that is as close to a referee as you can get - who, hopefully, has the most accurate view of what took place and who, hopefully, reports that with the least bias. 

Of course, good luck finding an unbiased news source because you've probably already been told the one you're watching and/or reading is unbiased and... you see what you want to see. 

on fire...

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