left lanes.

What do you do when you get behind the driver moving too slow in the left lane? 

Do you ride their tail, hoping to make a point and wait for them to get over? 
Do you quickly move into the right lane and get by them? 
Do you flash your lights? Flip them off? Stare them down and shake your head? 

This recently happened to me and, in that instance, I decided to quickly move into the right lane, pass them, and get on my merry way. But, I noticed a truck behind me decided not to do that. Instead he got right behind the car and drove about 15 under the speed limit, about 3 feet from the bumper, while hoping they would get the point. 

Eventually, I was so far in front of them that I don't know how it turned out. I moved on. But I assume the driver of the truck wasted a few minutes of his day and some stress on his heart for nothing. I assume the driver of the car moving too slow was pretty oblivious to the messaging and is still driving too slow somewhere in a left lane. 

Yes, there are times when we need to make someone aware. 

But, there are other times when we need to keep moving, at the speed we want, and leave that anchor, that weight, that impediment to our own progress, in the rear view mirror where they belong.