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less than.

Not too long ago I saw a guy in a parking lot asking me for money. He said he wanted to buy a steak and some tomatoes. 

There were a few potential responses: 

Steak? Are you kidding me, bro? If you're going to ask for money, I'll buy you some cheap bread.
No way. Guys like that buy drugs. 
Dude, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stop begging. 
Sure. Let's go. 

I chose the last option on that night. 


Well, the way I see it, he has less than me. I've never asked for anything in a grocery store parking lot. I've never had the rotten teeth this guy had. I've never been so desperate (even if it is for drugs) that I needed to ask a stranger for money and pretend I want a steak. 

And also, who cares if he wants a steak? I want a steak. 

I asked him his name, we talked a bit, and I gave him a gift card to the grocery store and told him to have a great night. 

I don't say any of this to brag. I do say it to encourage you to do the same. We waste so much energy on whether or not this person deservers this or that but it's much more freeing and simple to say: do they have less than I do? 

That's all that matters. If they have less, then I have more. And I should share. 

Plus, extra bonus if you're someone who respects Jesus: Jesus seemed to say the exact same thing. 

Double super bonus: Jesus (and all kinds of research) tend to also say that in doing that you'll also be a lot happier and maybe even start to find "life". 

we banned jesus.

left lanes.