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equality is resistance.

Equality is really interesting when you start to think about it. The usual games of better and worse don't quite work. And Empire is all about better and worse. That's how it functions. You need to keep trying to get better and bigger while others get worse and smaller. It offers you a variety of ways to do that but it's never based on Equality. 

So, any time, we're fighting for equality we're resisting empire. 

To fight equality, there are two sides: one is bringing up those who are low and the other, much more offensive, is bringing down those who are up. The balance has to be restored with both because the resources that we're dealing with are limited. We're talking about power, control, wealth, and strength. Not everyone can be equally powerful. Power demands someone to wield it over another less powerful. The same with control, wealth, and strength. They are measured by inequality. 

I think this is one of the reasons Jesus was hard on those in power and easy on those not. He was trying to balance it out. Unfortunately, we're in power. It's a hard message. We are empire. We don't like it. Much of the reason we continue to kill the Jesus character.  

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