To walk the line of encouragement and challenge is usually difficult, whether it's for ourselves or for others. 

How do we remember we are amazing, without getting lazy, and how do we challenge ourselves to do more, without becoming exhausted. Throw in religion and it's a tricky recipe. 

The universe is full of black energy and matter - that is still very mysterious - that contains and propels us. It tells us we're okay and moves us to do more. It's in the DNA of the universe. 

I think that's the power of streaks. Of any kind. Winning streak, writing streak, sober streak. We remember what we've done and we celebrate it. Wow, I've written 500 words a day for 40 days. Wow! And it is that celebration and gratitude that moves us to do more.

We're moved to do more because we realize what we've done.

So, think about your streaks. You've got them. And remember you're amazing. And remember there's more to do. 

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