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Everyone has lines. For all kinds of things. 

Including the lines that mean you are "for" someone and the lines that mean you are "against" someone. 

Often, the historically powerful (white, heterosexual, males) get frustrated at these lines and feel like they are being pushed too far. In other words, you'll hear them complain about affirmative action. You'll hear them complain about businesses that have to make certain kinds of cakes. You'll hear them complain about the U.S. Women's Soccer team complaining that they are not paid equally. 

Not because they are necessarily against minority and/or LGBT communities and/or women but because they believe the lines are being pushed too far. 

"Of course I'm not racist, homophobic or sexist! Never have been. Why should I have to do that?"

Here's the problem. Even if that were true, the white, heterosexual, male has little ability to see reality. It's not true. I am one, I know. Even if it that were true, historically the lines have been far too little and so it's time for history to do a major course correction - and it is correcting. Even if that were true, white heterosexual males are going to be (justified or not) more connected to our incoming President Donald Trump. And his lines are very low. 

Which means if you're a white, heterosexual, male get ready for the lines to go way beyond your comfort zone. Way beyond. If you thought affirmative action was "bad", that was nothing. The line that proves you are for someone is much farther than it has ever been.

Because in order to prove you aren't racist, homophobic or sexist you're going to have to go way above and beyond and not bitch and moan about it. You're going to have to do things you are uncomfortable with to pay back years of others being uncomfortable (and much worse) and you're going to have prove you're okay with losing power and giving it to others and that you're okay with no longer being on top. You might have to say and act like you're okay to even be on the bottom. 

I, for one, am all in. Or at least I think I am and want to be. I hope others join me. 

thanks. giving.

republic of equal