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thanks. giving.

Today is the day that people all over America have been dreading. 

They are going to have to have dinner with people who voted differently than they did. Many families are putting "political-conversation-bans" in place. 

I have all kinds of historical issues with this day and what it means but let's set those aside for a moment and go with the heart of it, because I don't think this day is really going to change. And, at its heart, it's beautiful. 

Thanksgiving. Thanks. Giving.

That's easy to remember, right? 

When the conversation gets heated remember gratefulness and generosity. If you can, try and turn the conversation that way.

Illegal immigrants. 
Gay marriage. 

Generosity? Where is it? How do we have more? Gratitude? For what? Why? Fight to bring generosity and gratitude to the topic and conversation. 

Those two, on their own. are powerful enough, but together they will annihilate fear, hate, bitterness, and divisiveness. 

the paradox of choice.