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your faith.

Given that political questions are, at minimum, worthless, and more likely, poisonous... I have a different set of questions I'm now seeking the answers to from people.

Including myself. 

1. What is your faith/spirituality/religion? 
2. How did your faith/spiritually/religion determine who you voted for? 
3. What are your greatest hopes for/How does your faith/spirituality/religion affect your greatest hopes for...

the rich
the poor
the refugee
the prisoner
the alien
the sick
the other
the earth

around the world and in our own country? 

I'll give you mine. 

1. I'm enough. And so is everyone else. We are all equally loved, valued, and created. We need to believe and live that. 
2. Which candidate vocalized this the most? Which candidate had policies that would help people  believe this to be true and have access to its truth? 
3. I hope 

the rich... give more
the poor... receive more
the refugee... is welcomed
the prisoner... is not written off
the illegal alien... is shown radical hospitality
the sick... can always find care, no matter if they have money or not
the other... ceases to exist as we begin to love (an)other as we love ourselves
the earth... treasure, value, protect every piece of it as the home of those we love

in every country, faith, creed, race, gender, income, etc... including our own. 




don't forget.

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