dear white evangelicals. part 2.

There used to be some other groups of people. 


I would fill in a bunch of examples but the problem is that your examples of sinners are so all over the map that I don't even begin to know anymore, what "sin" is to you.

Let's just say people who do bad things. Not like you do bad things - because you all admit you do bad things - but the bad things these people do make them bad people while the bad things you do allow you to still be good. (I guess because you are forgiven but that's a whole other story.)

The thing is these "bad people" are the people that Jesus told were "saved". Over and over. And none of them asked Jesus into their heart or went to church. AND, I don't think there is one example of Jesus telling "good people" they were saved. When I say "good people" I mean the religious people like you. 

To be more blunt, to put the Gospels in today's language, I don't think there is one example of Jesus telling the evangelicals they were saved: Only the people the evangelicals thought were bad and before the bad people did anything that evangelicals would say moved them from bad to good. 

But don't worry! 

There's a way out of all of this. 

And it's really pretty simple. 

Feed people who are hungry. 
Give water to people who are thirsty. 
Invite the strangers to your house. 
Clothe people who don't have them. 
Help people who are sick.
Visit people who are in jail. 

I might add

Provide healthcare for people who can't afford it. 
Invite the refugees in. 
Stand up for people who are oppressed in any way, including LGTBQ.
Don't write off criminals. 
Give food and water to people who need it - whether they earned it or not. 

Now, it gets more crazy and I know you know this because you, of course, know the Bible. 

Jesus said when you do those, you do those things to Jesus. 

So Jesus said he might be in jail? 

But only "bad people" are in jail, right? 

What is scary is that if you get rid of all the hungry, the thirsty, the immigrants, the prisoners, the Muslims, the strangers, the LGBTQ, the refugees, the poor, the sick... I wonder if you get rid of Jesus? 

Fortunately, again, this isn't too hard. And I, for one, will be spending more time with those "bad people" than I ever have. And less time with the "good people." 

I encourage you to as well. 

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