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dear muslim americans.

I'm so sorry. Please forgive us. Please be better than us. Many of my skin color and faith (in name) are treating you with contempt and violence, arrogance and darkness.

They are doing what they hate most in others (as we often do) when it's done to them. They are reacting from fear and now feel authorized to enact the hate that grows in it because they feel it's accepted and approved and voted for. They have tasted blood.

The temptation is always to respond with more hate and violence. I am tempted and I'm not Muslim. I am white and, at my worst, I want to hurt white people. I can't imagine how you feel.  

My prayer is that you are able, even at your worst, to be as gracious as you have been already, as patient and loving as you have been and that you don't feel the need to side with the violent and authoritarian options that are available to you and that would enforce their (false) view of you.

My prayer is that you are better than them. Better than me. And that is so hard especially given what they, at their worst, think of you. 

And please know that as you stand in peace, I stand proudly and in solidarity with you and will do everything in my power to make that peace continue.

I choose you. 


a million.

dear white evangelicals. part 2.