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prayer is not that.

I was sitting in a restaurant last week right next to a man and a woman. I was by myself (without my phone) so I had lots of time to observe. 

When I first sat down, I felt awkward. It was obvious, within seconds, that the two people were not speaking. At all. I was so close I felt like I should say something. Are you guys alright? I honestly wondered whether one them had just disclosed the fact they had an affair. That was the energy. Looking away from each other, staring off into space, waiting... It was unsettling. 

This lasted for 5, 10 minutes. I could barely take it. 

Then the food came. The man mumbled something and they both bowed their heads to pray. 

I don't pretend to know their story, or them, or what they were going through. Maybe they wanted some time for silence and space. I don't know. 

I do know the view I had served as a great illustration. 

Prayer is not something you say to the air as though God wasn't hanging out until you bowed your head and closed your eyes.

Prayer is happening when you are sitting at the table.
What are the words spoken to the God in the woman across the table/the man across the table? 
Prayer is happening when the food hits your tongue. 
What do you say to God as you taste, ingest, and satisfy your desire for food? 
Prayer is happening when you get up and leave. 
What remnant of your spirit/energy is left behind when you leave?