The political waters are rough right now and the wake of the most recent Presidential Debate (is that what that was?) is in my face. 

Accusations are flying from every direction. 
Fear is in the air and the anger is thick. 
My feeds are full as people make their opinions known. 

With 4 weeks to go, I figured I would write a list of things that I value, to keep my own sanity and remind myself there are better ways to impact the world than a vote every 4 years. 

  1. Compassion over security. 
  2. Inclusion over tribal fear. 
  3. Care over violence. 
  4. Enabling the poor over enabling the wealthy. 
  5. Trust over suspicion. 
  6. Knives over guns. 
  7. Equality over profit.
  8. Redemption over justice. 
  9. Freedom over certainty. 
  10. Life over death.