Happy (Insipid) Fall! Pre-Order!!

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Today marks the time on the calendar when day and night are equal. 12 hours a piece. Perfectly balanced.

Which is a real nice segue into Insipid: my novel launching this November!

Even better news, today marks the first day that the limited edition collector’s edition, signed, personalized hardback supporter-vip launch event ticket-package releases!

Beginning today and ending October 14th, you can pre-order the hardback which will actually ship, signed and personalized to you, before the Black Friday release date. You’ll have it first. You can also add two VIP tickets to the launch event if you want. It’s a screaming deal, not to mention a ton of support! NOTE: The hardback will not be available for purchase beyond October 14th. Nor will VIP tickets.

Check out all the details at insipidbook.com.

I don't think I’ve ever put this much work into any single project over these last 8 years so suffice it to say, I’m excited to get the word, the hype, and this book out!

More to come… of course…

Until then, check out insipidbook.com