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a new drug.

Not sure if you've heard of it but there is a new drug coming on to the market for parents. It's based off of an (up to now) fairly hidden bacteria found in southern Africa.

When ingested the patient will become sick for about a week with severe body aches and pains - no fever or risk of infecting others - and nausea and weakened vision. 

It disappears after about a week. 

It's being marketed to parents because they can give the drug to their children a) as punishment for doing something wrong b) as a way to teach their children something and c) to simply encourage their children to be more needy and, thus, "cuddly", loving, etc... 

It seems to work great.

I only write all of this because I recently heard, again, from someone who was suffering form an illness, that they had complete faith that god had given them the illness for a reason and they would learn what they needed to learn from it. 

When a god does something we would find atrocious for a parent to do, there's probably something off with that view of god.  

which 30?

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