I know facts really are difficult these days but let's try anyway. 

Population of U.S. : 325.7 million (2017)

Population of the other G7 countries (G7 countries are generally considered the most advanced economies/arguably countries/ in the world: 

Japan: 127 million (2016)
Germany: 82.67 million (2016)
France: 66.9 million (2016)
U.K.: 66.54 million (2016)
Italy: 60.6 million (2016)
Canada: 36.29 million (2016)

The combined population of the other 6 countries is more than the United States. 

Let's start the measuring in January of 2009 and go to May 21, 2018. 

There have been 288 school shootings in the U.S.
There have been 5 in the other countries. Combined. Yes, combined. 

So, roughly same population sizes. 288 compared to 5

You can own guns in every single one of those countries. Yes, some are more strict than others but none of them do not allow citizens to own guns. 

So, let's recap.

288 to 5.

Citizens can own guns in all of them. 

I only say this because someone said to me the other day, we'll never stop school shootings. We can't. It's impossible.

I guess technically they are right. But, I personally prefer 5 to 288. 

It works to say you don't want to do anything, but don't say we can't. Ever. Ever. Ever. Please. 

One more thing: is it great to have less school shootings and more restrictions on guns or more school shootings and less restrictions on guns? Honestly, very important distinction in how people define "great", especially if we're trying to make our country that word or consider it to be the most of that word in the world.

Maybe instead of talking about gun control we should talk about what it means to be great?