the ostrich.

We can't just bury our head in the sand... not these days. Not with the government as terrible as it is, and the church as messed up as it is, and poverty, injustice, and... do we need to go on? 

We can't act like a problem doesn't exist... and hope it goes away. 

The poor ostrich. Forever tied with a saying about people who refuse to see problems and instead just want to cover their eyes and hope the predator coming for them doesn't see them. 

But, here's the deal. Ostriches don't bury their heads in the sand. Never have. Probably never will. Unless they want to die of asphyxiation. 

What the ostrich is doing is taking care of eggs that have been laid in a big hole that the ostrich dug in the sand. It looks like it's burying it's head but it's actually being an incredible parent, and all around member of the ostrich species, rotating and protecting eggs and taking care of future generations. 

Side note: ostriches are pretty tough. They're also really fast - as in the fastest 2 legged land animal - and they can run 30 mph for 10 miles. They also have a kick that can kill a lion. 

Why would they ever bury their head in the sand? 

They wouldn't. 

Neither would you. But, what you might do is take a moment to look down and into the future. What you might do is stop worrying about the lions out there and the hyenas that might be over the hill and the wild dogs that might be planning something in the near future. If they come, you'll deal with them. Yes. You're fast and strong and will be for others when they need you to be. 

Until then, it might be smart to stop reading the articles, stop worrying about the hypocrisy and not care as much about the thing those people are doing over there. Yes, you'll be accused of burying your head in the sand - because that's how it might appear - but what you're actually doing is taking care of the only thing worth taking care of: your legacy and the species, in ways that actually matter.