freeway life.

There are lots of saying related to the past is a memory and the future is a plan... and that it's only the present that exists. 

So true. 

But, there is another side of those sayings that can be a little frustrating... because the past matters quite a bit, actually, it's created the present, and the future matters quite a bit, it's determining the path we're on. 

I prefer the freeway metaphor. 

Rearview mirror glances are good - especially when changing lanes. You don't want to be surprised by something coming back that you've already passed, or didn't see from the past, especially when making a change. 

Generally, we looked forward on the freeway though. Keeping our eyes ahead, on where we are going... not so that we focus on the future but so we can be present at each moment on the road. 

Stare in the rear-view mirror, we'll get in a wreck. Never look, wreck. Stare too far ahead, and we'll get in a wreck. Never try to predict what's next, wreck. 

Lots of options for wrecks but we've got the freeway down pretty well. So, if we can bring that glance to the past, that focus on the future, and that attention to now into life, well, it seems like we might be on to something. 

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