teens. rock.

Yeah they rock. In fact, they are drinking less, doing less drugs, having less sex (especially the bad kind), fighting less... overall "less hedonistic and break fewer rules than in the past"... and it's happening in countries around the world. 

There are all kinds of reasons thrown out there as to why... but I'll just throw out an interesting fact. Corresponding with the rise of better decisions in a demographic of humanity is a similar rise with a disassociation with religion. Around 4 out of 10 18-39 year olds are religiously unaffiliated and they are 4 times more likely to be so, than the previous generation

I'm not tying religion to worse decision making... well, yeah actually I guess I am. 

But it's not all good. This group is also one of the most isolated and lonely... which is something religion can help with when it's not focused on rules and legalism. 

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