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we don't.

She had to be in her 80's. Maybe 90's. But she had a fire. Lifelong Patriots fan and the person interviewing her said: "What do you think of the Eagles?" 

Her answer: "We don't." 


One could argue - maybe they should have. Might have won the game. (Congrats Philly.)

One could argue - blatant arrogance. 

One could argue - always know your enemy. 

One could argue - always have to be aware of the competition. 

Here's the thing. She didn't respond "Who?" She knew who the Eagles were. She knew they played football. I imagine she knew all kinds of things about them and how they play. But she didn't think about them: dwell on them, worry about them.. they didn't consume her thoughts. (And, if I'm honest, they do sometimes consume mine.)  

Radical difference. 

Be aware. Yes. Now stop thinking about them. All of them. Any of them. Yes, even them. 

I wonder after the game how she would have responded with the same question. I hope her answer would be the same. "We don't." 

Failure is no reason to start being consumed with them



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