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Yep. Still matters.

On a day when it looks like someone who is clearly partisan - in fact, arguably as partisan as anyone has ever been before being elected to the supreme non-partisan court of the land - at a time when partisanship now means distrust, anger, hate, cheating, vile lies, and propaganda - at a time when politicians are as deluded, and deluding, as anyone - at a time when the leader of our land claims that it’s hard to be a young male - at a time when women are laughed at for traumatic experiences - at a time when the same president laughs at creating traumatic experiences for women (on tape) and still gets elected to lead a nation - at a time when the overtly religious are more in love with empire than any other kind of deity…

well it’s easy to be discouraged.

So, pick up Factfulness. Start reading it. There’s a reason Obama recommended it: it’s a reminder of reality, on a different scale.

There is love. There is goodness. There is beauty. There is improvement, even on days when it feels like we’re going backward.


Oh, also. Vote.

And please stop the “they’re all corrupt so I don’t vote” line. Yes, they might be, but there are still hard realities that our society depends on you to make decisions about, and then to own, and then to be brave in discussing, respectfully, face to face with other human beings, while trying to bring those realities to fruition (after you vote).

lonely numbers.