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a new routine

I usually don't like to announce things (like diets or social media fasts) the day I start them, because, well, it's easy to announce something. Hard to actually follow through. 

But, there is a bit of public support in announcing something (a wedding) and maybe I think I need it. Or maybe, you can be encouraged to bring some of this into your life. 

So, today, for the rest of the year, I'm trying a little different routine. A few small rules.

1. Meditation every day. I'm tired of reading about people who meditate every day and continuing to ignore the obvious advice to do it myself. I have been meditating daily for over three weeks now, so I do think I can continue this one. 

2. I won't be checking email before 11:00am every day - even amidst the height of busy season for our companies. No social media before then either (although I don't really do much social media anymore...) Spend the mornings with more creativity and less stress. 

3. I won't be reading any new books. I can finish the book I'm currently reading and I can look through highlights of old books - but no new books from today until the end of the year. I'd rather absorb some of what I've already read than bring in new information right now.  

There are a few other smaller items I'll be integrating into my life but those are the big ones. Hold me to it. Join along if you want. Or wait for the results of my own experiment - I'm sure I'll have plenty. 




stick to.

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