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10 things I actually care about...

Here are the 10 things I actually care about right now. Today. 
(In no particular order.)

1. My own peace of mind and ability to maintain compassion, kindness, and grace in the midst of tornados of anger, hate and retribution.  

2. A teen mom I know who can't pay her car repair bill. 

3. 1.5 million people in Puerto Rico without drinking water. 

4. A refugee family I know who can't pay their rent. 

5. Racism. (Or any kind of dehumanization of "other") Of any and every kind. Any kind. Every kind. In me. In you. In our country. 

6. Religious people who travel over land and sea - or just stay in America - and their desperate attempts to convert people that, if successful, end up making them twice the Sons of Hell they are. (That's from Jesus. Yes, I care I might be one of them.)

7. The Rohingya refugee crisis, currently the worst in decades and just part of the global refugee crisis of an estimated 22.5 million refugees, the highest estimate the U.N. has ever had.  

8. Healthcare for people who can't afford it. In any country, but starting with my own. 

9. Social media and its amplifying affects on turmoil and its destructive affects on every human trying to manage turmoil. And trying to manage differences of opinion within that turmoil. And trying to manage fear. Unfortunately, fear is feasting on social media right now like an all you can eat buffet.   

10. Resisting anything that prevents me from insisting that there is color and beauty and love and wonder and awe and good in this world. And from experiencing it every day. 

Extra Bonus Care: Being distracted by things that don't matter when there are so many things that actually do. 



it's not about creation or evolution.

strong or fragile.