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let me cancel.

I got the Seattle Times digital on a great trial - $1 for a month. Last night, since my month was up, I went to the site to cancel. 

Turns out you have to call on the phone to cancel. Turns out they weren't there. 

So, I called the next afternoon. I waited on the phone for a couple of minutes before someone talked to me. After they got my information I was transferred to an "account specialist" who tried to convince me to stay on for a great discounted rate. 

I, honestly, love the Seattle Times for a variety of reasons. But, it wasn't worth the full rate. 

I would have paid a discounted rate but after spending 10 minutes to try and cancel it was no longer worth it. 

I told the account specialist this. She offered me more discounts. The problem was, by that point, I wouldn't have taken it for $1/month because I had already had to invest time into canceling that I knew I would have to do again at some future point. 

My point? Let people out. Easily. When you leave the cage door open, people are more likely to stay inside. If you make them spend too many resources to open it, chances are good they will bolt as soon as it's open and not come back inside - no matter the treats you're offering. 

Religion, are you listening? 


is it still criticism?