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the political excuse.

I'm a little frustrated, again. Again, I've heard from someone that they love "church" but don't want to talk politics. Admittedly, I don't know what this means, exactly, but I think it means that they don't want to talk about words and ideas that come up in the political spectrum from time to time or that might be construed as political or that appear on the news from time to time...

Honestly, I think it actually means they don't want to talk about gay marriage (unless we disagree with it) or refugees (unless we are scared of them) or racism (unless it doesn't exist) or pledging allegiance to the flag (unless as Christians it's our duty). When I dig deeper that's what I always usually find. 

Either way....

We can't avoid politics, at some level or another. We live in a world where policies affect people and those policies that affect people come from political views and discussions and actions and conversations and opinions. 

If we care about people, we have to care about politics at some level or another.
If we care about people, we have to talk politics. 
I do care about people. 
I hope you do too. 

We probably disagree. That's okay. It's good. It's healthy.

Can we talk about how we disagree rather than pretend we never do?


that soccer game.