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one week in...

I'm one week in to a new schedule and routine. A few things... and don't worry I won't be giving weekly updates. 

1. The first day I didn't let myself look at social media or email until 11, I was amazed. I didn't want to open my email at 11 because I knew what was there and I loved how the day had been up to that point. Honestly, email/social media are the ultimate creativity/routine/efficiency killers. We all know it but it's amazing to see first-hand how often my instinct is to go to email or a business social media account not when I'm necessarily bored but out of a habit and sense of "working" when doing either. 

2. Meditation is not magic. It's hard. It's a pain. It's work. Like everything worth doing. 

3. I've forgotten how many amazing books I've read over the years. I have a friend who reads a book three or four times before moving on to the next. That is not me. I like to check off books. Boom, read it. It's good for me, a week in, to slow it down and remember what I've read and give it an even better chance of becoming part of me. 


the best.