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let me tell you something...

José was his name. I asked for a whiskey ginger and then changed my mind mid-way. "Just make it a whiskey." 

He grabbed a new glass and I said "Oh, you can just put it in that glass." It was the glass already filled with ice. I was trying to be easy.  

He gave me a look and said with a thick accent. "When I drink alcohol, I like to drink it the way I want to drink it. You know what I mean? Do you want the ice or not?" 

I smiled. "You're right... neat please." 

He looked at me before pouring. "Let me tell you something." There was a pause. I waited. "Always remember to please yourself."

I nodded.

"Are you going to please the world?" 

"Well," I returned. "If you try to please the world, you please no one." 

"Exactly," he smiled. "So you always remember to please yourself. And if you please yourself, you might end up being able to please someone else. But if you try to please the world, you will please no one." 

He handed me my whiskey. 

"Cheers." I raised my glass to him. "Thank you José." 

"Enjoy it, my friend." 

two choices.