a better metric.

I've been running for about five years. I kept track of times for a while and then went a more "meditative" route and ditched any phones, watches or timing. 

I didn't get a second faster for that entire time. 

I recently started timing myself again and in the last few weeks have shaved about 45 seconds per mile off of my run times. 

What's this all about? Way more than running. 


What are your metrics? For life? For blogging? For writing? For business? For relationships? 

I've had many couples tell me that "they want God more in their relationship". I usually ask how they are going to measure that, or know if it's happening and they can't tell me. That's not a good way to improve anything.

So, what are your metrics? There are easy ones: faster times, more money, more followers, more sales. There are more difficult ones. But, whatever they are, we have to have a metric. 

And keep in mind it's very difficult to have multiple metrics. I think this is why Jesus warned of money - it's hard to keep track of others areas of success when money is all we're measuring. 

Once you have your metric - and one you believe in - how are you measuring it? I've been meditating for two weeks now. My metric is remaining more calm while I drive. I can measure it. I'm paying attention. Just by paying attention, I'm also more aware of success and failure.  

Once you start measuring, measure more. Look at it. Is it improving? Celebrate? Is it not? How can it, incrementally, today? The more you pay attention, the more, most research says, you will put in effort. 

You see this everywhere.

If you want followers, you can get them. Especially if you're constantly paying attention. You probably won't change the world, but you'll have followers. 

If you want seats in the pews, you can get them. Especially if you're paying attention. You probably won't impact many lives, but you'll have seats. 

If you want to become a better writer, you can. You may not have a million followers, but you'll have less spelling errors and more creative succinct thoughts. 

Make it a good metric. Make sure you have a way to measure it and pay attention to the results, because they will be there. 

And then, maybe start thinking about a better metric.