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Just a simple question for a Friday. 

Why has North Korea never threatened Sweden? 

Or Finland? 

Or South Africa? 

Or Peru? 

(None of these countries have nuclear weapons. South Africa developed nuclear weapons and then eradicated them.) 

Or India? 

Or Pakistan? 

Or France? 

(Whom all have nuclear weapons.)

I don't know the answers, honestly. 

I'm sure some of it goes back to the Korean War. I'm sure some of it is because the United States is a superpower and the loudest voice against North Korea having weapons. 

I don't know but sometimes I wonder what it's like to live in a country that just "minds its own business in the world". 

I mean when was the last time Peru was mentioned in the news for anything? 


It's always important to try to understand the thoughts of the other side. If you were North Korea and you've been told by five nations that all have nuclear weapons that you can't have them, don't you think that would bug you a little? 

You can, but we can't? And you're now threatening us with the use of those very nuclear weapons while continuing to tell us that we can't have them? 

And, you have people in your country saying that you should have more nukes in order to be ready for situations like "these" while still telling us that we can't have them to be ready for any situations like "these". 

I get it. Kim Jon Un is a nutcase. He can't be allowed to have them. 

But, in the mind of Kim Jon Un, Donald Trump is a nutcase. And so is Obama. And so is Bush. And so is Clinton. 

Calling people "nutcases" is like responding to someone who calls you stupid with "No, you're stupid!" 

Which all leads me to, again, Peru... has anyone heard their president make any comment on whether Kim Jon Un is a nutcase or not?

I'm not saying I wish I lived in Peru. I just wonder what it's like to be removed from most of these games. 


I can live in Peru.

one more reason.