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we don't need that.

Reading about America's latest aircraft carrier reminds me, again, that money is not the problem in this country. 

When I say "latest aircraft carrier" I mean a ship that has cost 13 billion dollars that still won't be ready for another 4 years because most of the major components on it don't work. I mean a ship where temporary setbacks costs 37 million dollars and a ship that was delivered "incomplete". You can read all the depressing details if you'd like. 

I mean a ship that, when finally ready for battle in some unforeseeable future, will do what? It will roam the seas with lots of airplanes on it - much like the 10 carriers we already have. (By the way no other country has more than 2. Russia has 1. China has 1.) 

Can we stop talking about "budget problems" and instead start talking about "priority problems". 

just look up.

the other way around.