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my 3 favorite words - on a shirt.

They are on this site. They are in my office. They are represented on my body - in the form of tattoos. I love these words. I love what they make me they remind me of, make me think about it, and inspire in me. 


They are spirituality, they are art, they are business, they are parenting, they are culture, they are life... yeah, I really like these words.  

So, I took my favorite shirt right now (from Bella and Canvas) put the words on it (I tend to make lots of shirts), and wore it around a bit. Someone said, can I get one? And what does it mean? And we talked about all kinds of things. 

And then Kanye West found out about it and I sent one to him. He wears them now at his concerts. And then Obama saw it and asked for one and then Trump did and then the Pope and James Dobson asked for one as well - even though he doesn't really like the word evolution. 

It's blowing up. 

Of course, that didn't happen but isn't it weird how many people want a shirt after their favorite celebrity wears a shirt? 

Anyway, I added some other colors and made them all available right here on the site, ready for you to purchase, to wear around, and to dive into the conversations that they might provoke. 

Enjoy the words. Enjoy the shirt. Enjoy your fellow humans. 

Enjoy change. Enjoy evolution. Enjoy creation. 


that accent.