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thousands and thousands...

There are thousands of people on this planet that are just as talented as me. And probably you. 

There are thousands more that are more talented than me. And probably you. 

Which leaves me, and you, with some decisions for our jobs, our passions, our creative endeavors, our dreams, our stories, our relationships... 

I can... 

1. Worker harder than them. (Keeping in mind there are thousands who will also work as hard.)
2. Wait for some luck. (Give the power to someone or something else.) 
3. Be more creative and unique. (But there are thousands who are just as creative...) 
4. Lower my expectations. (How low do I go?)
5. Quit. (Buy some weed and sit under a tree.)


Cheer for them. Help them. Learn from them. Be generous and kind to them and humble around them. Stop competing with them and start being grateful for their inspiring presence in my life. 

And suddenly it seems like a much nicer and more enjoyable world. 


fate and wonder.

the wrong fear.