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this bakery...

Another Hawaii story. There was a bakery on the North Shore that looked amazing. The owners also ran a farm and everything was made from local ingredients, from scratch, fresh, tasty, juice, and they had a really cool vibe. Sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, smoothies...

One problem.

They were only open Monday to Thursday from 10-5. 

Every time we went they were closed. 

And yet, we kept going. 

We finally made it and when we did, it was worth the struggle. It was incredible. 

And yet, we didn't get to go back. There was no time. And I wonder how many people never had the chance to go because they weren't there for two weeks at the perfect time? I wonder if the owners care?  

There's a line out there for all of us. It has to be so good people want it. And it has to be accessible enough that they can get it.

The internet has made hundreds of things more accessible than ever.
Are we making them good enough that people want them?

You need both and the internet only solves one of them.    

the known and unknown.

on or for.