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trimming palms.

The story that he told me was that a mom had put her baby under a palm tree and a coconut had fallen and killed the baby. Since then, the entire state, and much of the world, started trimming palm trees to prevent that from happening. 

He told me that trimming palms is the second most dangerous job in the world, right behind convenience store clerks, and the guy I talked to, on the beach after his descent, told me that he thinks he is going to die every time he gets up there. 

I haven't been able to confirm the stats or stories. But, I can tell you this: it looks real scary climbing up a palm tree with a machete and hacking away at all the dead branches. I've seen too many palm trees to count and I've never thought about someone trimming them, let alone it being a dangerous job that, potentially, saves lives. 

Once again, it's a big world out there, with lots of people doing good things that affect us in good ways, and we don't even know. Or care. Look around a little more. Thank someone. 

great people...

tove lo.