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"Because they all like getting recruited, but that’s completely different than playing football."

What a great line from a very successful college football coach about finding the right players. 

You can't be recruited without playing football (or whatever sport it is) but it's interesting how easy it can be to mix up the point and start thinking that recruitment is the goal, instead of more football. 

We all like money.
We all like fame.
We all like being up front.
We all like a good review. 
We all like the applause. 
We all like the article. 

But that's completely different than

Running a business.
Writing a book. 
Recording a song. 
Helping the poor. 
Growing the vegetables. 
Cooking the meal. 

Some football players would play just as hard if there was no such thing as recruitment. Some wouldn't. Some forget that recruiting success only means more football, more recruiting, more football, more fame, more work... 

Which one are you? 



weird or boring.

they have a nice building.