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A belt broke on my riding mower the other day so I had to use my push mower. 
And then, using my push mower, the wheel broke off. So, I had to use it with 3 wheels.
Until my father-in-law offered me his push mower and then my neighbor let me use his to finish mowing. 

So get this. 

First, I have a lawn, which was invented to prove you are wealthy enough to not need to use land for crops because you have so much extra. 

Second, I have two mowers. That propel themselves. One lets me sit on it. 

Third, when both of my mowers happen to be broken, in five minutes I have two people who instantly let me borrow another mower. 

Imagine, if instead of being incredibly grateful, I started to complain and bitch and moan about my bad luck, about the state of mowers today, and how mad I am that you can't even find a decent mower. 

It would look pretty bad. 

So, I would never do that. I assume you wouldn't either. Most people wouldn't. 

Not about a literal lawnmower.

But, about jobs, about culture, about economy, about safety in this country? 

cleaning church toilets.

they're louder.