the old way.

Seth Godin has a new marketing course. In the introduction video he says this: "People don't like marketers. They don't like us because a lot of people do marketing the old way, the wrong way, the selfish way." 

He recounts telling someone he's an author and watching them get excited. He then tells them he's a marketer and they run. 

Not much different than telling someone you're a pastor. And for the exact same reasons. Pastors have acted like marketers, been seen as marketers. Bad marketers, marketing the old, wrong, and selfish way through fear and dehumanization of others. 

Godin also says this:

"Twenty years later, marketing is still taught backwards. It’s assumed that marketing is something we do TO our audience, for the sole purpose of meeting our own goals. But marketing is now something we do WITH our tribe, helping them reach their goals first."

We're all marketers. We're all pastors. The question is are we doing something TO people for ourselves or are we doing something WITH people for them? 

Preach Godin. Preach.