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welcome to love's!

I was just in Ritzville to fill up on gas. Ritzville's population is about 1,500.

Ritzville was settled in 1880 but, today, Ritzville is primarily known for having a Starbucks, some gas stations, and a McDonald's on I-90 between Seattle and Spokane. 

It's pretty much the middle of nowhere. 

But, today, after filling up I went into the truck stop "Love's" to get some water and the woman working the cash register said "Welcome to Love's" with a massive smile. She said it to every single person that walked in while I stopped in line. She asked everyone how they were doing and she left every interaction with a genuine "Have a wonderful day!" 

Most people ignored her. Some seemed surprised. One out of the 25 I saw smiled and said something back. 

Most people didn't care. 

But she did. 

And I did. And I thanked her for it. 

Because, sometimes you're just that genuine, that nice, that welcoming, that joyful and no one seems to care. But you keep doing it anyway, because you care. Because it matters. Because it makes your world better. 

And, even if they don't smile back, it makes their world better too. 

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