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god bless.

This morning I saw another bumper sticker that read "God bless our troops". 

Of course, we hear or read "God bless America" on a constant loop from someone, somewhere, including just about every President. 

Funny enough Jesus told us who was blessed about 2,000 years ago. No need to ask, just need to find these people ask them. 

The poor. 
Those who mourn. 
The meek. 
Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. 
The merciful.
The pure of heart. 
The peacemakers. 
The ones who take crap for fighting for righteousness. 

("Righteousness" is a loaded religious term but if you look at in context of the other terms that aren't as equated with "morality", "legalism" and "rules" we can get what it means.) 

It would seem the ones usually doing the most asking for blessings are the ones least like that list.


classical or coal.