you're so smart.

Sure, it can be a nice compliment. But, we often save it as an excuse. 

You're so smart.
You're so talented. 
You're so beautiful. 
You're so lucky. 

You're so... and I'm not. You had a head start from the get-go. I'll never be you. Never could be. No reason to try. 

There's no denying some have an easier road than others. There's no denying that where and when we are born has a huge affect on our path, and, to some, it's entirely debilitating.

But, there's no denying there is a ton of work and effort, of risk and vulnerability in all of it, for all of us. 

They might not be so smart. They might have just put in more effort, worked harder, and risked more. They might have used what luck they had better than him. 

Or, worse, she might be just as talented. Will we ever know? And how will we all help the talent that is out there, believe in itself and have the ability to do something with it?

thoughts, creativersjm