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this is the problem.

You can choose whatever side you wish. But this is the problem. Read this article and watch the video from Fox News contained within it.

The article is obviously biased, and the video is obviously biased. 

You will see two completely different narratives, two completely different uses of statistics, two completely different world views, two completely different uses of anecdotal information, two completely different sets of people to blame, two completely different victim mentalities, and two completely different ideas of what makes a country and/or person "great" or "good" or "safe". 

Again, no matter which "side" you take I encourage you to read this article and then watch the entire Fox News segment imbedded in it. 

It is the reason that people who disagree can barely have sane discussions anymore. 

(Feel free to start googling things like "Swedish no go zones" to try and find the truth somewhere down there at the bottom of infinite web sites.)


get better.

what if it's you.