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good does win.

I was flying on a German airline to a German city while reading Man's Search for Meaning - the famous (for good reasons) book about a man who survived Nazi concentration camps. It was a bit surreal as the German flight attendant asked me if I would like another glass of wine. 

In Stockholm, Sweden I went to an army museum that chronicled the numerous wars that Sweden has been through in its hundreds of years of history including numerous wars with Denmark, its now- friendly neighbor to the south. Sweden was neutral during World War II and remains neutral as of today. 

In Copenhagen, Denmark (the now friendly neighboring country) I went on a tour of a palace with a history that crosses hundreds of years and includes its own share of battles - and kings who would hold such extravagant balls when the country had no money that he had to raise taxes on the poor people - just to pay for the dinner events. Denmark still has a queen (as does Sweden) all of whom still live in castles and palaces but are fairly well loved. 

Upon returning, I listened to a podcast about the new China, the country that is now one of the leading contributors to the United Nations peacekeeping fund (ironically while the U.S. pulls funding) and contributing trillions of dollars to infrastructure in Africa and Asia (much like the U.S. did in Europe post-WWII). 

My point? 

It might be a long time getting there, but good is winning. Slowly, yes, but it's winning.

While it's tempting to become consumed with the evil, don't. Keep fighting for the good, instead, insuring that those wins come even sooner. 

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