to the next...

Some of you know, some of you don't. I'm a pastor. And yesterday, I announced to the church that I helped plant - and to the church where I've been the only pastor they've ever had - that I was moving on to different - hopefully better - things as of February 1. 

It was, of course, an emotional day in all kinds of ways. But, it was also liberating and empowering. The "job" was no longer the thing I'm called to, driven to, or the thing I wake up early in the morning, not able to sleep, thinking about. There's more out there and I'm not entirely sure what it is. I do have some ideas, beginning with an event at a local venue on May 3rd. 

But, my wife and I both felt we had to jump in order to find out what's next because you can't find out what's next without that jump. So, we jumped, after about a year of deliberation and processing. 

I've read countless stories and accounts of people doing something similar and I've always been inspired by them. It feels good to be creating the next, similar, chapter in our own story now. 

So, here we go. Into the unknown, the adventure, the liberation, the empowerment, probably some pain, probably some joy, and definitely lots of life! Hope you'll stick around. I might need you more than ever. 

Cheers to it all!