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the bad guy.

I'm listening to Taylor Swift's new album (of course) and reminded of the stereotype of the bad guy. The rebel in the leather jacket that the girl can't resist. 

But, it's not the bad in the bad guy that the girl can't resist, it's the confidence. And bad guys have confidence. Sometimes they take it to a sickening and revolting degree (see Weinstein and others) But, on a lesser level, she'll take the leather jacket and greasy hair, in exchange for the confidence. 

That's how much confidence is worth. In a world where we are overloaded with decisions, confidence becomes even more important. Oh, you seem to know. Let's go. 

For the record, men are the same, The bad girl with confidence is jut as attractive because confidence is attractive no matter where it is, including an ad that says 90% of dentists prefer this toothpaste. Confidence. 

And, even when we know this confidence is often fake - that rebel is probably a mess on the inside - we still go with it. Why? We're desperate for leadership. 

The world is so desperate for it, we elect people like Trump. For all of his faults, he does not lack confidence and I think it's the main reason people voted for him - we'll take the bad for that confidence. He'll lead, at least. 

Which leads to us: me and you. 

Don't be that guy. Don't be that girl. Don't be Trump. Confidence isn't just about I know I want you in the back seat of my car. Or, I know I'm the best president ever. There are other kinds: I know there is goodness. I know there is light. I know there is love. I know who I am. 

Be confident. It's irresistible and necessary for any kind of change, innovation, and leadership. And when you have the trust that comes from confidence, use it with humility.  

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