bottom of the 9th.

I'm not a huge baseball fan but there were some great baseball games in the World Series (congrats Astros). There's not much that can compare to that bottom-of-the-9th feeling that good baseball can produce. 

Where things, with one pitch, can go this way or that way and both ways are drastically different. Someone will be ecstatic and someone else will be devastated with one pitch. 

And, honestly, it feels a lot like life. Those moments where this decision, this call, this reaction, this interaction, this next moment, feels like it has the potential to go either way and those ways are drastically different. 

And fear can seize the day.

But, you still have to pitch the ball. You still have to try to hit it. And you have to remember that there is often another game. Or another season. So, you might as well try to enjoy the edge. 


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