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I recently ran into a friend who told me how far it was from Spokane to our church and the negative affect that has on people coming. It's about 25 minutes on a Sunday morning. 

The irony was that we were having this conversation in Sandpoint - 1 hour 30 minutes from his home - for a soccer tournament for our elementary-aged kids. He was going to drive back to Spokane that night and then back for a 9am game on Sunday morning. 

So, 1 hour 30 minutes for a 6th grader soccer game is not too far but 25 minutes for a chance to be inspired, to rest, and to experience the divine force of the universe is? 

I understand. It's far away.

Much like time though, our problem is never that we don't have enough, it's just what we find worthy and what we don't. And that's just as much a "church" problem as it is a "people" problem. 


the meth addiction.

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