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people love to be beat.

Yeah, that sounds really bad but I heard it from a retired Nazarene pastor who, obviously meant it figuratively, and I, very sadly,  agree with him. 

He said, “People like being beat and they don’t know what to do when they aren’t.”

It’s really hard for people to be told they don’t have to bring anything to the altar to offer to their god. 

How else are we supposed to know where we stand? 

Humans are much better off in a church/job/relationship/God that doesn’t beat them. People don’t need to feel terrible about themselves, to wallow in misery, in order to feel good about themselves. And yet, I’m always surprised with how many people still live in that place. 

It speaks volumes of what religion has done to the divine human spirit. It’s tragic on universal proportions. 

I’ve got to feel worse... to feel better. That is the lie that must die. 


if the bible is...