marriage is...

…fading. Most of the statistics seem to point to less and less people getting married, which is a big worry for some. And that make sense. 

…The most amazing relationship that two people can have together, in my opinion. I absolutely love being married. Which is why I’m all for more people getting married. Gay, straight or anything else. If there is fidelity, freedom, commitment and love… well I’m all for more of it.

… not the end-all-be-all to make everything-good-with-us-and-God. It’s a consolation. It’s better than not having any marriage in a society, especially a society where women were treated like property so God came up with marriage. Hey, this will make things better. Perfect? No. Better? Hopefully. Is it still? I think? 

… never really modeled all that well, throughout the entire Bible, if you really think about it. Can anyone show me one example of a married couple in the entire Bible that would fit the description of a “good married couple” in today’s Christian society? 

… really really cultural. Someone was recently telling me that they think the United States is going to start having more polygamy. I don’t know if I agree but I do know that one of the wisest people to ever live according to the Bible had hundreds of wives.  (Man, that Bible gets tricky when you want it to be a guide book for human life.) 

… not the most important thing in life. If I’m honest, 90% of the most influential, inspiring, motivating, wise, people in my life were not or are not married. Okay, I don’t know if 90% is accurate but a lot of what has shaped me in my walk with God and life was thought of by someone who wasn’t married. Jesus included. 

... changing. That’s alright. It, like most things, has already changed quite a bit and will probably continue to.