fire and gasoline.

If you ever watch a fighter jet take off, you’ll notice a tremendous amount of fire coming out the rear of the airplane. If you think about fire, you’ll remember that fire and gasoline, when combined in the wrong ways, will kill you and everyone close to the combination. 

And yet, when you see this jet, with a huge flame sticking out its back, being fueled by gasoline, we remember, fire and gasoline if separated enough, fuel one of the most powerful hair-raising sights on the planet. 

Church and money.  Wow, I tremble just typing the two words together. 

We have to figure out how to keep the fire away from the gasoline in order that the gasoline can fuel the fire that makes the jet fly. 

Churches are still trying to figure that out. 

Some things our own church has tried to do to keep them separate that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. 

We don’t pass plates. We never have. It’s amazing how many pastors and “church leaders” have told me that we need to pass plates because we “would make more money” and because “it puts pressure on people”. 

We have emptied our bank account three consecutive years and given it away.
We don’t keep a savings account. 
We give money to whomever asks with a need. If we have it, we give it. Period. 

Money is awesome when we use it to fuel the forward movement. We will continue to try and figure out how to do it. 

And if you have ideas as to how, please, please, please speak loudly!